September 19, 2013

Show your manners, little lady!

I dunno if it is because I saw it a lot on NYFW (of course it is!) or because some part of me is stuck in the 50s, but this "ladylike-skirt-thing" is getting me so obsessed with it

September 11, 2013

NYFW Streetstyle

Cuz the runway continues on the street, these are -so far- my top pics. Enjoy! // Porque la pasarela continua incluso en las calles, estas son mis elecciones favoritas. Que las disfrutes!

September 8, 2013

Pumped up Kicks

There's a huge difference in how much fun you can get on a day when you are in comfy shoes

September 3, 2013

Autum Bouquet


If leather for spring already happened, why not a flower bouquet for cooler days?